About Michelle

Hi! I’m Michelle of Many Trades.

It has been a variety of jobs and opportunities that brought me to "MichelleofManyTrades". I've moved more times and had a longer list of jobs than most. However, I've always made my home by creating a creative existence.

I am a thriving artist due to my deep dig into self discovery, shadow work, therapy, meditation, medication, cannabis, and connection. I am a creator looking for other collaborators, parents, and weirdos driven to learn and grow! I seek to create authentic connections, help people find their creative voice, and to deepen my gratefulness practice.

Current mediums of interest: stickers, screenprinting, stained glass, painting, alcohol inks, and small loom works.

Becoming a parent in 2014, started a shift that took until 2019 for me to fully identify with being an artist and shift my mindset and career goals to a creative existence. Having a child forces you to deal with your unresolved thoughts, needs, and goals in addition to encouraging you to process PTSD, trauma, and chronic pain issues head on. I am so thankful for my exposure to great books and therapeutic modalities. Feel free to message me if you'd like to connect about this!

Also, when you buy or support my creative endeavors, I donate portions of my proceeds to groups listed on my “Art for Good page” - if you think I should know about a different or more direct way to benefit those in need – please reach out! 

Skills and experience

  • Artist and Maker 
  • Writer 
  • Problem Solver 
  • Public Speaker, Educator, and Small Group Leadership 
  • Content and Graphics Creation 
  • Production Experience – Production Coordinator, Office, On-Set, Locations, Art Department, and Craft Services 
  • Finish Carpenter’s Apprentice 
  • Catering and Event – Management, Planning, and Execution 
  • Social Media 
  • Nonprofit, Fundraising, and Administrative Experience